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NASA Great Lakes Region HPDE Red Shirt Instructor Program


Welcome to the NASA Great Lakes region Instructor program page!


A driver wishing to become a NASA GL instructor must first qualify to become an Instructor Candidate.  As an instructor Candiate (IC) you are formally in the program and will complete the following requirements as listed in 1. below.


1.  For non-NASA Instructors driving in NASA the program requirments are:

  • Minimum of 1 event driving in HPDE 3 and demonstration of the skills and drills needed to advance to HPDE 4.  Please note that our HPDE 3 program uses frequent use of advanced 3 wide driving and passign off-line.  Should you wish to bypass HPDE 3 and register for HPDE 4 as a future Instructor you'll be requried to demonstrate 3 wide off-line and on-line high speed passing mastery.  MSF Level 1 certification is required to be acceptied into the IC program.
  • HPDE 4:  4 events minimum or equivalent as evaluated by the CDI
  • HPDE 1 classroom Audit weekend ($25 and gets you Friday test and tune lapping).
  • 4 role plays in HPDE 4 along with skills test
  • Successful e-Course completion 
  • All HPDE 4 advancement requirements.
  • ITS Friday shadowing ($25 and get you Friday test and tune lapping).


2.  For non-Great Lakes NASA certified Instructors

For out of region NASA instructors an on-line program familiarity study guide requires a passing grade of 80% or more.  The Study Guide outlines our unique HPDE 1 program that aligns the Instructor and student to the classroom.  As a NASA GL HPDE 1 instructor you are a direct extention of the HPDE 1 classroom.  Therefore this on-line study guide course is more about WHAT we teach our students than HOW to instruct.  Please make sure your NASA profile has you listed with a valid NASA instructor license.  This is your responsibility.  Please contact CDI Eric Meyer @ prior to registering as an instructor for any NASA GL events.


3.  For certified Instructors from other organizations:

For PCA, BMW CCA, HOD, Chin, any MSF Level 2 organization please see the requirements of #1 above.  Our ITS program is very extensive and if you are willing to do the heavy lifting we are glad to have you on board.  Contact CDI Eric Meyer for more details.


4.  HPDE 4 On-Line, Open Study Guide requirements


NASA Great Lakes Instructor school graduates driving in HPDE 4 pay $75 per weekend event.   Time-Trail drivers and Racers pay $100.  There is no cost for an instructor Not Driving.  Free lunch in included on event weekends.  There are requirements that must be met when instructing a weekend event and failure to attend/execute/show up may lead to permanent loss of your NASA Great Lakes Instructor status and privledges.  We take instruction seriously and put our customers and clients above our own personal track goals.  Instruction is not for everyone.  You must be dedicated to putting your student above your own driving weekend.  You can do both but it makes for a very, very busy weekend.  Each HPDE 1 Instructor is required to tech one or more car Saturday morning and ride right seat for 4 sessions on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.  NASA Great Lakes only assigns 1 student per each instructor in HPDE 1.



We think we run one of the best HPDE programs in the nation.  Yes, I just said that.  Our staff of HPDE leaders and instructors have evolved into a highly collaborative, continously improving team.  Each year we raise our bar and strive for higher levels of customer satisfaction, education, entertainment and execution.  Our current program began in 2014 and has 10 experienced group leaders, two chief instructors and we've certified over 160 in and out of region instructors.  HPDE 1 group leader John Santiago says it best:  "we are a learning organization".   Drivers who frequent NASA Great Lakes region get the best HPDE education out there.  We are an educational business model and not a "just lapping" group.  Our drivers excel at the fundamentals and frequently advance up our HPDE program to become outstanding DE drivers, instructors and nationally ranked Time-Trail drivers and wickedly talented racers.  We are not your normal lapping organizaiton that advances students to solo and leaves them alone.  Our program has instruction and classroom up to and including transition to Instructor, TT and W2W racing.  As such, this is a very high bar for instructors as we are not just "teaching the line".  Many instructors from outside our system and starting in HPDE 3 (a requirement) do not make the instructor cut.  The fall-out rate is high and we are very motivated and willing to work with you if you are looking to advance and improve your driving skills.  If you are looking for another Instructor Status using the thought process of "just signing up" please find another organization to drive with.  Understanding and being an extension of our system is a requirement to be a NASA GL instructor and the way this is learned is by going though our program.


7. NASA GL Instructor Resources and tools you should be familiar with:


8.  Instructor Learning Resources:



Are you ready to get started?  Please send me an email at: and we can get you on your way.






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