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Endurance Racing-TREC (Team Racing Endurance Challenge)

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TREC 2020 V4 | 8/27/2020


TREC Great Lakes Regional Supplements

  1.      The intent of the TREC series is to have fun in a simple car with a low barrier to entry.
  2.      TREC is not intended to bypass our renowned HPDE driver system to get a competition license. However, it can be an additional tool to enhance a driver’s skill and awareness. Entry level TREC drivers and drivers from other endurance series are invited and encouraged to participate in our HPDE3 or 4 classes during the weekend.
  3.      HPDE3 level driver or above, to maintain quality drivers in the series, are welcome. Any racer driving erratically, offline, too slow or generally displaying lack of driving skill will be black flagged and required to meet with the Race Director to discuss future driver education.
  4.      5 min pit stop minimum when fueling. At Pit in each car will have to come to a complete stop and a pit official will place a timer on the car and start the timer. At Pit out each car will be required to stop to check driver safety equipment, remove timer and verify 5 min. minimum pit stop time. Pit stops that don’t involve fuel do not have a minimum time and must be communicated with pit out official.
  5.      Classing in appendix B is a baseline. If your team is too fast relative to other cars and drivers in your class or if your team is stacked with pro drivers expect to be moved to a faster class during the race based on the discretion of the Race Director. Your team should register for the faster class for future TREC races.
  6.      Restrictors or low power tunes are recommended for high powered cars. A 400HP ST1 car that is detuned to 250HP would most likely fit into a TREC class based on lap times.
  7.      NASA provisional competition license earned from completing the required number of TREC races (TREC license plus 6 additional TREC races) in the Great Lakes region will also require the driver to participate in a Great Lakes Region Competition licensing school.
  8.      Regional TREC championship teams will be awarded trophies at the end of the year banquet. 1st through 3rd place for each TREC class. Class must have a minimum of 5 teams to be eligible. Team must compete in 4 of the 6 races to be eligible and Must compete at the last race of the season at NCM to claim their award. Maximum 4 trophies per team. 
  9.      At a minimum, Long pants and closed toed shoes are required for access to the hot pit lane (behind the wall). This means NO SHORTS
  10.   Pitt Spaces will be available and can be set up after 9am.  If necessary, stall assignments will be made, and if there are more teams than spaces, then teams will have to share a space.
  11.   4-hour races will have 3 mandatory pit stops for 2020. This regional rule supersedes rule 12.12 and does not require the stated “…5 gallons of fuel within the first hour.”
  12.   The Maximum driver stint shall be 2 hours with a 1-hour rest prior to the next stint.
  13.   Grid will be set, and final car classing adjustments will be determined by qualifying session. It is required that all of the team’s drivers get at least 5 race pace laps in qualifying to determine the team’s best lap times to reflect proper car classing.  If you are participating as a relay team, qualifying must be done with the same transponder and race number on the car as will be used in the race. 
  14.   Dry break nozzle and fuel jugs are prohibited. A dry break system inlet on the car may be used with modifications (per national rule set) to accept filling via TREC approved fuel jugs with hose/spout/funnel only. 
  15.   The Fire Bottle crew member must have the same protective equipment as the driver, except that the  helmet may be expired, no balaclava or HANS device is required.
  16.   Only ONE 5 gallon fuel jug may be over the wall at a time.
  17.   For safety, NO fueling in the paddock once the race has started. Single driver/crew teams must fuel on pit lane.  Relay teams may be assigned 2 adjacent pit stalls to accomplish fueling, and transponder changes.
  18.   A MAXIMUM of 10 gallons of fuel may be added per 5 minute pit stop.
  19.   The use of air jacks on pit lane is prohibited.  Manual jacks only, and only one side of the car may be lifted at a time.
  20.   In the event of a full course yellow Pace Car will pick up overall leader, regardless of class, including FU. Overall leader will be the first to see the checkered flag.
  21.   RELAY TEAMS: this is where two or more cars can register as a team. The cars must be from the same class (ie. Two spec Miatas or two ST4 cars). This accommodates drivers who don’t want to share a car.
  22.   All cars that are non-magnetic (fiberglass, carbon) must provide a clearly marked metal plate on the edge of the roof by the driver so that a magnetic timer can be attached. Such as a metal, electrical gang box plate found at any home improvement store.
  23.   If a car is in the pit (has already picked up its timer) when a full course yellow occurs, it may complete the stop and exit the pit lane at the discretion of the pit out Marshall. 
  24.   If a car enters the pit after the full course yellow and before receiving a timer it may A) drive through the pit and be released subject to the pit out Marshall OR, B) it may elect to complete a stop, but will NOT be released until after the full course yellow ends.  If you choose option B, do not leave your pit stall and present the car to the pit out Marshall until the full course caution has ended.
  25.   If a Red Flag situation occurs, NO work (including fueling) may be done to the car.  If the condition will exist for an extended time, pit Marshall’s may allow the driver to exit the car.  In that case, the car may be covered to prevent damage from rain, etc. but no other work, including fueling may occur.
  26.   Penalties for violating pit lane rules, refueling rules, etc. will start at 5 minute holds for first violations, progress to 10 minute holds, and then to race termination and conversation with Series/Race Directors.

Please visit the TREC forums page for the latest dicussions and questions.

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